I help ambitious women

create more time and money.

Experience massive forward momentum toward the life you've always dreamed of.

Many high-achieving women struggle with

overthinking and decision paralysis.

Can you relate?

  • Overwhelm and uncertainty when making business decisions?

  • Allowing fear to get in the way of taking action in your business?

  • Doubting your capabilities and questioning your potential?

  • Inconsistent follow-through because you don’t have systems in place?

I believe finding a path to abundance,

success, and freedom should be easy.

Make Confident Decisions

Cut through the noise to make

choices that propel you forward.

Create Time Freedom

Enjoy the flexibility to do what

you love, when you want to.

Increase Earnings

Unlock your potential to generate

more revenue with less stress.

I get it. Feeling stuck in a pattern of

second guessing yourself is exhausting.

I know you want to be an influential woman with unwavering confidence. In order to do that, you need to cultivate an unshakeable belief in your potential and capabilities. The problem is fear, self-doubt, and a lack of effective systems and habits are holding you back from reaching your full potential. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from your true purpose.

I believe every woman has the power to manifest her dreams into reality through a blend of spiritual alignment, scientific approach, and strategic action. That's why I’ve helped hundreds of women break through their self-imposed barriers, and made it my mission to help them achieve unparalleled success and fulfillment.

Here's what makes me unique:

  • Integrating Faith with Science: I combine the principles of brain science, quantum physics, and spiritual scripture to create a powerful framework for transformation.

  • Tailored Success Strategies: Utilizing a "Choose Your Adventure" style program, I offer personalized paths for each woman's unique journey, ensuring the development of essential skills and mindset shifts.

  • Community of Experts: Access to a diverse group of world-class experts who share their knowledge and expertise, offering a broad perspective and specialized strategies for success.

You're destined for greatness, and it's time to step into your power.

Dr. LaChelle Wieme

Consistent 10k months as a new entrepreneur!


Crystal felt overwhelmed trying to juggle her family, her career, and her side hustle. She desperately wanted to commit full-time to her business and free up time for her family but fear kept getting in the way of making the decision to leave.


Two months after starting Spiral Up, Crystal left her corporate job and is enjoying her first consistent $10,000 months as a fulltime entrepreneur. She has been empowered to make bold decisions, hire help, and has even expanded her business to support the steady stream of new clients. With my help, she’s added multiple income streams that don’t require her to trade all of her time for money and she’s able to show up as the mom she wants to be.

Here's how it works


Book Your Success-Barrier

Diagnostic Call

Discover what's holding you back and

get a personalized action plan to

overcome obstacles.


Join the Spiral Up

Program For You

Benefit from expert coaching and a

supportive community to tailor

strategies for your goals.


Experience Massive

Forward Momentum

Achieve success and freedom,

allowing you to live life on your

own terms.

Earning 3x more revenue and more time with family!


Camille was a successful realtor and was ready to level up her business. Fears and overwhelm kept her from taking the actions that would get her there.

Within weeks of starting the Spiral Up program, she hired her first assistant and organized her schedule to support her bigger vision.  Together we established a new brand and client focus that brought in 3x the revenue that she was used to. With established systems in place and a stronger sense of belief in herself, her business continues to expand and she’s not missing any moments with her growing teenage boys.

The Spiral Up Proven Process for

Massive Forward Momentum

Has the spaciousness to enjoy all the things that light her up!


Even though Noelle was having massive success in her direct sales business, she knew she was made for more. As a multi-passionate person, she struggled putting together all of the pieces of her puzzle. She also felt overwhelmed and all over the place

Since working together, Noelle has started a successful coaching business, launched a networking group, is speaking at conferences, and has launched a podcast. She’s found a way to weave in all of her passions and has found systems to manage it all.

There are 3 Ways You Can Spiral Up

The Vault

Unlock comprehensive learning

with full access to the Spiral Up

digital courses, programs, and

trainings, designed to empower

your journey at your own pace.

Success Club

Elevate your success with training

and live guidance from LaChelle and

her team of experts along with the

supportive community you need for unprecedented growth and


High Level

Experience elite, customized

coaching with LaChelle, offering

more in-depth one-on-one

sessions and strategic guidance

tailored to achieve your specific

goals as well as exclusive access

to our expert team.

Don't stay stuck in overwhelm and find

yourself in the same place a year from now.

Together we'll press the "easy button" to get you back into flow

so you can experience success, freedom, and fulfillment.

Do you have what it takes to be successful?

Find out what's slowing you down so you can overcome it.

  • Uncover your strengths and blind spots

  • Get a realistic prediction of success

  • Gain tools to make the shifts needed to up-level