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Ok, try not to roll your eyes quite yet… hear me out. 

I think so many women feel stuck.

Stuck by their upbringing

Stuck by their jobs that they just can’t find the passion for

Stuck by their family obligations

Stuck by an uncontrollable work schedule

Stuck by the never-ending bills or the non-existent savings

Stuck with an inability to make an impact

Stuck by their current situation that is keeping them from fulfilling the dreams they once had for themselves

Stuck by insecurities

Stuck by fear… this is a big one! Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of what others think, fear of rejection.


I’m LaChelle and I believe in you and in me! That belief in myself, that’s relatively new and certainly didn’t come easy. I’ve struggled most of my life trying to fit in. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin and resorted to people-pleasing and over-achieving behaviors to win the acceptance I longed for but somehow it was never quite enough. Those compensating traits may have served me well in some aspects of my life. It gave me the drive to pursue my masters and doctorate degrees in nurse anesthesia. I spoke on public stages relaying other people’s work in anesthesia and eventually I taught for one of the best doctor of nurse anesthesia programs in the country. All this time, something in me just didn’t feel like I was good enough just by being me.

In my pursuit of personal development (you know… to make me finally good), I discovered my love for leadership. The cool thing about leadership is that it can be applied in your professional and personal life and can give you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

Throughout the hundreds of books and podcasts on leadership I’ve been exposed to, I’ve discovered one common thread. One thing that every single successful person shared…was choosing to hold themselves accountable for their life. They don’t make excuses; they choose a way! 

So that’s how I discovered my superpower?

Not quite. That came from washing my face…really. Perhaps you can’t relate but this recovering Pantene ProV user used to just rely on whatever shampoo happen to fall on her face in the shower… yikes! But here’s the deal. Once I decided that I was finally worth taking care of myself, once I started to see and feel changes in my skin, I found myself walking around just a little taller and looking people in the eyes a whole lot more. This people-pleasing veteran finally had the courage to go out in public without makeup and be okay with being me. It might sound silly to you, but to me, it provided the realization that when we feel confident on the outside, we start to feel confident on the inside. When we feel confident ladies… we can change the world! That was something I had to share with others around me who were struggling too and that decision led to me actually using my superpower. 

So what’s the superpower then? Its our ability to CHOOSE. 

Life hands us all kinds of struggles and can make us feel stuck. Despite the grimmest of situations, we can always choose the activity and attitude that will get us unstuck. You can’t guarantee results but you can guarantee that your life WILL CHANGE once you make the decision to choose the consistent activity and attitude that will take you where you want to go. 

You see, personal development only works when you actually put yourself in the uncomfortable situations that keep you unstuck. Reading and listening isn’t enough. You have to choose to make yourself vulnerable…vulnerable to the unknowns, to the rejection, to the opinions of others, to the chance of failure. Something as simple as washing my face lead to the choice to start my own business. I had never done anything like this before but I knew that something had to change and that choice was ON ME. 

That choice right there has changed my life and the life of hundreds of my friends and strangers (now friends). Sounds a little over dramatic, maybe, but that’s the only way I can describe the confidence I’ve developed in myself and others. It’s the only way I can describe how working a few hours a week turned into the catalyst which allowed me to cut back at work and be the mom I want to be without giving my family my leftovers. It is the only way to describe the joy of seeing my friends (now biz partners) be able to spend more time with their families, pay their bills, adopt children, afford fertility treatments, travel the world, retire early. 

I get to use my love of leadership to draw out the potential in others and teach them how to do the same. We’ve found our tribe. We’ve found a way to love ourselves just the way we are. We’ve found a way to make an impact on the world around us. Life-changing for us…no other way to describe it! 

Now, enough about me and how I’ve discovered my superpower and how I’m using it. Let’s talk about YOU! Are you ready to unleash your own superpower and make a choice that will get you unstuck? Are you ready to choose a way and an attitude that will change the trajectory of where your life has been so far and take back the control you feel you’ve lost?

LaChelle Wieme is nurse anesthetist and former faculty for the Mayo Clinic Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Program. She has traveled the country speaking at anesthesia seminars and is now speaking for national audiences, sharing her passion for leadership, personal accountability, and time management (you can find a way to do it all). Her doctorate research involved coaching (helping other people reach their potential) and teaching others how to coach. She is a John Maxwell Team certified public speaker and coach. She has channeled her love for serving others through her virtual skincare franchise, which she primarily runs from her phone and coaches others how to be successful in their own franchise. Within her first year in business, LaChelle rose to the top 2% of her direct-sales company and is passionate about helping others do the same.

When she’s not delivering anesthesia, traveling the country speaking, or running her business, you’ll find her volunteering at her church, leading women in business meetings, teaching the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course, and spending time with her husband Andy, son Koren, daughter Leighton, and dog Charlotte. Her guiding values of faith, service, and growth guide her in everything she does and she finally feels like she is living out her purpose, ready to help others do the same.